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How to Scale Content Creation [New Step-By-Step Guide]

۲۳ اردیبهشت ۱۳۹۹
بدون نظر

In this post I’m going to show you how to scale your content marketing.


In fact, this process has helped me publish over 326,649 words of blog content over the last year.

Plus: a new flagship course, dozens of social media posts, email newsletters, YouTube video scripts, and more. (بیشتر…)

Majestic SEO Review: How Does This Link Building Tool Stack Up?

۲۶ اسفند ۱۳۹۸
بدون نظر

This is a SUPER in-depth review of Majestic SEO.

In this review I’ll break down everything you need to know, including:

  • Majestic SEO’s key features
  • Pricing and plans
  • How it compares to other link building tools
  • Whether or not it’s worth the price tag
  • Lots more

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

What Is Majestic SEO?

Majestic SEO is an SEO software tool that specializes in link analysis. (بیشتر…)

Clearscope Review: Is This New SEO Tool Any Good?

۵ اسفند ۱۳۹۸
بدون نظر

This is a SUPER in-depth review of

In this up-to-date review I’ll break down:

  • What Clearscope does
  • What makes it unique
  • Key features
  • Things I like
  • Thing I don’t like
  • Whether or not it’s worth the price tag
  • Lots more

Let’s get started.

What Is Clearscope, Exactly? is a keyword research and content optimization tool. (بیشتر…)

Large Scale Study: How Data From Popular Keyword Research Tools Compare

۱۵ بهمن ۱۳۹۸
بدون نظر

We recently analyzed 10 of the most popular keyword research tools in the SEO industry.

Our goal?

To compare the accuracy and breadth of the data found within each tool.

Specifically, we analyzed monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC estimates and search suggestions across popular SEO tools, including: (بیشتر…)

Introducing: The Content Marketing Hub, A Free Library of Content Resources

۲۶ آذر ۱۳۹۸
بدون نظر
Content Marketing Hub

I’m PUMPED to announce the all-new Content Marketing Hub.

What is The Content Marketing Hub?

It’s a free library of 30+ resources that cover everything you need to know content marketing… including content promotion, copywriting, blog design, content repurposing, and more.

You can check out the brand new Content Marketing Hub right here: (بیشتر…)