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۱۷ Ways to Get More YouTube Views (Works GREAT In 2019)

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17 Ways to Get More YouTube Views (Works GREAT In 2019)

In this post I’m going to show you how to get more views on YouTube.

In fact, these are the exact techniques that I used to grow my channel to 244.6K views per month.

YouTube – Monthly views

Let’s dive right in.

  • ۱٫ Use “BOGY” Thumbnails
  • ۲٫ Copy This Proven Video Description Template
  • ۳٫ Alternate Playlist Layouts
  • ۴٫ Boost Your Video Title CTR
  • ۵٫ Get More “Suggested Video” Views
  • ۶٫ Use The “MVC Formula” For Video Tags
  • ۷٫ Share Videos On Quora, Reddit and Forums
  • ۸٫ Rank Your Videos in Google Search
  • ۹٫ Optimize Videos for Comments, Likes and Subscribes
  • ۱۰٫ Improve Your Channel’s “Session Time”
  • ۱۱٫ Optimize Your End Screen for Views
  • ۱۲٫ Master YouTube SEO Fundamentals
  • ۱۳٫ Use Eye-Catching Playlist Titles
  • ۱۴٫ Feature Your Videos On Your Blog
  • ۱۵٫ Share Video Clips On Social Media
  • ۱۶٫ Upload Videos When Your Audience is On YouTube
  • ۱۷٫ “The Card Bridge” Technique
  • Bonus #1: Get Featured On The YouTube Homepage
  • Bonus #2: Double Down On What Works
  • Bonus #3: The Community Tab Preview

۱٫ Use “BOGY” Thumbnails

It’s no secret that your video thumbnail is HUGE. (بیشتر…)